Wednesday, January 18, 2006

LeBron James, Olsen Twins, Hilary Duff Highest-Paid Celebs Under 25

Forbes Magazine has compiled a list of the highest-paid celebrities of 2005 under 25 years of age. Cleveland Cavalier LeBron James tops the list with $22.5 million. Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen took in a combined $21 million. Maria Sharapova ($18 million) follows, then it's right on to Hilary "I Am Not A Brand" Duff ($15 million). Serena Williams ($12.7 million), and Lindsay Lohan ($11 million). Other notables include Paris Hilton ($6.5 million), Adriana Lima ($4.5 million), Ashlee Simpson ($5.3 million), and Frankie Muniz ($8 million). If Duff's income supremacy over Lohan didn't spray your lunch across your monitor already, try Googling "Gross National Product."


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