Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Duff-Lohan Feud Rekindling?

I dunno how much stock we should really put into an update on the IMDb page of a film in pre-production, but here's the word on
We posted a little while ago that Imdb reported that Hilary Duff would be in a new movie called "The New Girl". Now, she has been removed from the cast list of that movie and her name has been replaced with Lindsay Lohan. I don't know what happened, but we will be back with more information as soon as we find out anything.
Oh snap? Only time will tell. Meantime, here's the scuttlebutt on IMDb's message boards:
Just figures that HIlary would drop a movie that has any sort of substance to it. I think its impossible for her to accept roles in movies that arent G or PG.

but shes goin to be swearing ALOT in "Outward Blond"

OMG? Then Dropped Hilary Duff For Lindsay Lohan!!? Hilary wanted this part so bad, and they gave it to lindsay!! What a load of crap. Now the fued between them is going to get even worse

This CANNOT be true. Lindsay Lohan is not going to do this movie. She's already moved on to adult roles. She has Just My Luck, A Prairie Home Companion, Bobby and Chapter 27 all coming out in the next year or so and they are all adult roles. Why would she go back to a teeny bopper role after all of these roles in adult movies?? Wouldn't make much sense to me.

They were smart to do so cause Hilary sucks at acting!

This movie is not real. The fact that someone switched Linday and Hilary was to prolong the feud between Lindsay and Hilary fans.
-silent alarm activated

Lindsay Rocks Hilary Sucks!

Actually the fued between lohan and duff is over now! I think both actresses are great. Until the movie comes out we will never really know if lohan is good at this part.

I am working on this movie and I can clarify a couple things:
A) Lindsay Lohan has nothing to do with it.
B) Hilary may or may not; will know soon.
C) Spielberg has nothing to do with it.
It is an awesome screenplay. Whoever stars -- perhaps an unknown (the writer/director discovered Alicia Silverstone) -- it's going to be a really interesting, scary flick.


Lindsay confirmed she was on board for this film over her blog.

IMDB will hopefully correct this shortly. It's a prankster, probably this Shaun Landers whose name is popping up everywhere. And Steven Spielberg is not involved. Mark Rosman who has directed Hillary Duff is one of the producers, that's how she became aware of the project.
The New Girl, by the way, looks to be a "deal with the devil"-type thriller written and directed by Alan Shapiro (The Crush).


Anonymous LiLoHater2006 said...

OMG! I can't believe this is happening! I heard they were TOTALLY friends again. Well, Hil doesn't need that Carona drinking, crack snorting hack of an actress anyway. How many colors does LiLo use in her blog text? Yeah, that's what I thought.

Hillary 4 life!

8:07 PM  

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