Thursday, January 19, 2006

Cam'ron Releases Jay-Z Diss Track

Cam’ron’s latest mixtape venture, "You Got It," throws down the gauntlet. After years of denied antipathy, the Diplomats leader airs grievances and spits insults at Jay-Z for nearly eight minutes. Unwilling to tolerate another moment of silent rage, Cam gives Jay a, um, history lesson:
"You got anthrax over there, man, and [the Diplomats are] George Bush man. You ain't gonna Saddam Hussein it."
He lists five reasons for hatin’ on Jigga, but claims he has no less than a hundred and fifty. What follows are the cited points of contention:

(1) Cam claims Jay-Z stole Roc-A-Fella Records from Damon Dash.
(2) Cam claims Jay-Z stole Kanye West from Damon Dash.
(3) Cam claims Jay-Z stole Roc-A-Wear from Damon Dash. (I previously mistook this for an emphatic repeat of Point 1.)
(4) Cam suspects Jay-Z had a role in gunshot wounds Cam sustained in October 2005.
(5) [Beat stops to emphasize the gravity of this particular offense] Jay-Z wears sandals with jeans.

And actually, Killa Cam keeps going after those five, but without convenient numerical index. Despite some rickety barbs (Cam actually likens Jigga to Fraggle Rock) in the first of a promised fifteen rounds, this inaugurates what will probably become 2006’s most talked-about and exciting MC battle. The question is, will Cam’ron take it to the next level? By which I mean, will he announce his intent to leave the recording industry in an attempt to oust J. Hova from the King Of Retired Rap throne? Further scrutiny of Cam's rebukes can be found at Pitchfork Media, and you can download the song itself from The Fader.


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