Tuesday, December 20, 2005

US Weekly to Brit-Brit: "Ouch! That's the fucking hand I feed you with!"

ABC News reports the following:
Britney Spears filed a $20 million libel lawsuit Monday against celebrity magazine Us Weekly, charging it published a false story reporting she and her husband, Kevin Federline, made a sex tape and were worried about its release.

The lawsuit seeks $10 million in libel damages and $10 million for misappropriating Spears' name and image to promote sales. It also seeks unspecified punitive damages.

This might be a worse move than opening Kong during finals week. Also, this next part is even funnier.

The article stated that Spears gave a copy of the tape to [...] lawyers on Sept. 30 and that she and her husband were "acting goofy the whole time" while watching the video.

"There was no laughter, disgust or goofy behavior while watching the video in the company of lawyers because they did not watch any video, and because there is no such video," the lawsuit stated.

Of course there's no tape. These two happy little kids wouldn't run around videotaping themselves. And MTV certainly didn't air a TV show about it, and you can't find clips of it on MTV's website. That's crazy talk. US is just jealous cuz they can't handle Brit and Kevin's truth. Rise up.


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She's so classy!

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