Friday, December 16, 2005

Stavros Niarchos III: "Don't Be A P---y... You have five seconds. Five. Four. Three..."

Those diligent fact-checkers over at Page Six report:
STAVROS Niarchos never paid a homeless man $100 to pour a cup of soda over his head just for laughs. That's what Us Weekly reported a few weeks ago. The Greek shipping heir, boyfriend of Paris Hilton, actually offered $100 to a passer-by if he'd drench a nearby paparazzo who was videotaping him. After screening the footage, PAGE SIX can report that Niarchos, in an SUV with his head largely hidden under a hood, started off offering just $10. "Do it now. You have nothing to lose. I swear to you on my life," he pleads. When the man hesitates, Niarchos say, "I'll give you $100. Don't be a p - - - y . . . You have 5 seconds." As Niarchos counts down, the man hurls the drink at the cameraman. We assume he collected a C-note.
First of all, no one here knows what a "p---y" is. If you happen to know, please contact us. Anyways, I can't get enough of this Stavros fellow. Here we have a story - with video evidence, no less - that clears his unfairly maligned name, and that, at the same time, makes him look like ten times the d--kh--d we previously imagined him to be. Although, actually, I don't know what a "d--kh--d" is, either.


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Listen, you are the dickhead of the Earth, you dont even know stav

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