Friday, December 09, 2005

Contrails: U.N. Spacy Hurries Through A Week Of Gossip

First off, the Photo Death Match post immediately below this one is new as of this afternoon. I mention this because I worry people will mistake it from the Photo Death Match post from ten days ago. Secondly, this is pretty much a lightning-fast catch-up on everything we slept on this week.
  • Teri Hatcher explains to Us Weekly why it's perfectly acceptable to despise the rich: "I will never pay for dinner again... I don't have to marry a gazillionaire, but I don't want to pay for dinner anymore."
  • Sorry, ladies, as of today Matt Damon is a very married man.
  • Satisfied with winning the last-couple-standing competition by an enormous margin, Nicole Richie and DJ AM call off their engagement. U.N. Spacy tries to play it cool, but is found pitifully choked up nonetheless.
  • Allegedly Britney Spears has had her fill of Kevin Federline's carryings on. Reports on this one vary wildly and, frankly, interest fewer and fewer as the hours pass.
  • I love these periodic appearances by Jessica Simpson assistant CaCee Cobb in the headlines.
  • Brad Pitt has allegedly taken measures to adopt Angelina Jolie's children and, if rumors are to be believed, won't stop proposing marriage.
  • Oh, and that's Hilary Duff hanging out at a porno party above.


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