Monday, December 12, 2005

Contrails: Mary-Kate Misses Stavros, Doesn't Speak To Paris

  • Wild and unsubstantiated rumors indicate that the working score for Richard Linklater's adaptation of Philip K. Dick's good-christ-it's- awesome novel A Scanner Darkly has been scrapped, and will be replaced with a new original score by Radiohead currently in the works, adding to the film's already formidable hipster cache. Fans cheer that Radiohead is the most vital and interesting musical project working today. Meanwhile, U.N. Spacy identifies those people and sternly crosses them off our list of people we're willing to split a pitcher with.
  • If you can find Mary-Kate Olsen in the picture to the right, I guess you're back on the pitcher-split list, 'cause I'm hard-pressed to make out anything human (or even gelfling) there. This pic accompanies an interview in which Mary-Kate tells W Magazine she misses and still loves badboy ex-boyfriend/Petron enthusiast Stavros Niarchos III, although the two are no longer on speaking terms. Also on MKO's no-talky list is Paris Hilton, which probably works out well for both. I mean really, how many stilted "You got it, dude!"s can one heiress be expected to tolerate?!?
  • Since we're talking gelfling, take a gander at this.
  • Italian tabloid Grazia says that Jennifer Aniston recently gathered friends outside her Malibu house for a boisterous ceremonial burning of her wedding dress, love letters from ex-husband Brad Pitt, and a few other mementos.
  • Also on Page Six is a rhyming Christmas-y skewering of Katie Couric, if you're into that kinda thing.
  • In the wake of Murder Inc.'s high-profile mega-criminal allegations, Ashanti tells MTV News about her tough lessons in "trinkle-down economics." She also gushes that it was "a pleasure" to work with Meth, which unfortunately isn't nearly as funny in context.
  • You know what totally sucks? It totally sucks when you're staying at your celebrity friend's house and you peel off your shirt to do some topless mail-checking and some slimy paparazzo, like, totally invades your privacy by snapping photos from three football field lengths away and the next thing you know you hafta have your lawyer clean the pictures off the internet. Man that totally sucks!


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