Thursday, December 15, 2005

Contrails: 'Girls Of Maxim' Eases Previously Restrictive Gender Barriers

  • Animal rights group PETA put out their list of this year's worst dressed celebrities, which reads like a Who's Who of my Google search history. Topping the list is U.N. Spacy's own Athena, Paris Hilton, also recently branded the world's worst celeb pet owner. Undaunted, Paris took on two new pets during a brief trip to Japan. She's reportedly named them Tokyo Blu and Harajuku Bitch, for reasons entirely unclear to us.
  • At a London screening of Annie Hall, Orlando Bloom spotted singer Annie Lennox and begged an autograph. With no clue of Bloom's major box office success, Lennox blew him off with a brusque "Please leave me alone and get a life." Says a source, "She genuinely thought he was an unusually good-looking fan." Later realizing her greivous error - that Bloom was no micronian, but a valued member of elite society, whose privileges include the valuable right to approach and even speak to others of their caste - Lennox rushed to Bloom with an apology, furbished an autograph, and even bestowed a kiss on the cheek. [Via Defamer]
  • A similar story, but without a happy ending, Ashley Olsen thrice offends designer Karl Lagerfeld, reportedly shrinking from him like he was Kimmy Gibbler.
  • Lord, why (oh why!) have you foresaken the helpless and slow-witted readers of Maxim, poorly equipped as they are to discern a push-up-bra'd tranny grotesquerie from the rest of the nominal d-listers of The WB, WWE Raw, reality television, and film comedies later sold in unrated DVD editions!!! I'm referring to news that Hilary Duff's desperate hanger-on sister, Haylie Duff, graces the magazine's January cover. Not only that, Haylie denies ever having hung up on longtime Duff rival Lindsay Lohan. Admittedly, something about Hil allowing Haylie to operate the phone didn't quite ring true when that story first broke, so it's good to get that cleared up.
  • Finally, Page Six reports that the termination of her lengthy engagement to DJ AM has taken its toll on Nicole Richie. Apparently the split came as quite a surprise to Richie, as the pair were busily making future plans together personally and professionally. "It really did come right out of left field for Nicole."


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