Monday, November 07, 2005

Welcome to the Suck.

I had a couple hours to waste last night, so I went and saw Jarhead, the new Sam Mendes film. It's about a bunch of Marines during Gulf War I. As sure as God made little green apples, this movie is a piece of shit. Normally I wouldn't bother to write about something this crappy, but it just made me so angry that I have to put out some kind of public warning.

It's been discussed at length and the consensus is that most war films are, by nature, anti-war. Very rarely are they anti-soldier. This one is. Each and every character in the film, to a man, talks about only two things. Getting laid and killing Iraqis. And not in that order. This is a film about a bunch of assholes who hang out in the desert partying and waiting for their chance to take lives. One guy is so hard up to shoot something that he brags to his friends about murdering a camel.

And if I see one more film in which a character I'm meant to believe is tough, calculating and jaded sees a dead person and vomits, thus indicating the depths of his soulfulness and remorse, I will never watch a movie again. Especially if that character was, in a previous scene, extolling the virtues of executing brown people.

I don't want to believe that American troops are like this. I don't wish harm on anyone. But I hate these characters. If they exist in reality, then I hate the real people.

I learned one thing from watching Jarhead. The only thing worse than an idiot is a bloodthirsty idiot, which is what these guys are. Fuck you, Sam Mendes.


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Blogger Pat Angello said...

I saw it as well - will probably review it tonight. Try sitting next to a Marine while watching it - GUH!

FYI, you can eliminate the spam by changing your comments section to include word verification.

3:04 PM  

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