Friday, November 18, 2005

Laguna Bitch

Yes, unlikely as it is, we are being asked to believe that the image to our left is an accurate representation of Ms. Kimberly Stewart. Yesterday we reported that Paris Hilton's own personal Kimmy Gibbler and Laguna Beach star/Lindsay Lohan ex Talan Torriero have gone and gotten themselves all engaged. Here are further, grislier details, courtesy of MSNBC:
They announced their surprise engagement Wednesday evening at a Los Angeles party for Microsoft’s Xbox. Stewart flashed a 5-carat diamond engagement ring, according to People.
Reports vary on the present duration of the pair's romance, but certainly it's no more than a few weeks old. Unfortunately, not all is joy and laughter, as Page Six reports:
"Talan's mother is hysterically crying. She is not happy."
Joking aside, how happy could a mother really be at the prospect of a welcoming the phermoneless, fright-wigged Jezebel of the C-list into her family. Ack.


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