Monday, November 28, 2005

Jessica Alba: Soon To Be Engaged???

It's been a while since Jessica Alba and her nightvision have graced these pages with their presence. She's been busy, we've been busy, the holidays are upon us. People lose touch, but it doesn't mean they don't still care. So it is with open arms and a warm smile that we welcome Alba back to U.N. Spacy with reports that beau Cash Warren is rumored to be shopping for an engagement ring for the multi-talented favorite of high school locker decorators everywhere.
An insider proclaimed that "Cash has been discreetly looking at engagement rings at various jewelry stores in Beverly Hills."

Warren by all accounts has yet to make a purchase, but Cash is looking for something specific - a traditional diamond solitaire set in platinum, according to published reports.

And really, why wouldn't he pop the question? The girl's quite the catch. Sure, she was far more approachable as a blonde, and it'll be tough to find a ring that'll fit on her webbed hands, but she's a certified air-conditioner repairwoman, an avid pole-vaulter, and can - if pressed - hold her breath for eleven minutes! I mean, come on!


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