Thursday, November 10, 2005

Contrails: Who Wants To Buy A Hilton Polaroid?

  • After putting up such a big fight to beat a murder rap only two months ago, rap star Beanie Sigel is going behind bars one again, this time for failing to pay $26,000.00 in child support. At least he has another opportunity to "speak the truth, the truth, nothin' but the truth!," if you know what I'm sayin', and I think ya do. (Actually, I strongly suspect you don't.)
  • MSNBC reports that Nicole Richie's been getting a series of prank-calls lately, and she suspects Paris Hilton is behind them. We'd try to add something to this story, but Defamer's already taken us to the cleaners on this one.
  • Speaking of the Hiltons (and we're always speaking of the Hiltons), wanna buy photographs of a 15-year-old Kathy Hilton? Hold on, before you answer that question, can I mention that the seller uses the term "spread eagled." Probably that'll sway your decision - just don't tell us which way.
  • Jessica Simpson, whose leaked "Fired Up" single is straight pants, is drawing criticism for her wedding anniversary solo trip to Africa. Supposedly an Operation Smile humanitarian visit, she took time off under the pretense of sudden illness, which she reportedly used to go on a safari. However, Operation Smile's response is that this was "scheduled downtime."


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