Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Contrails: Simpson Family Doesn't Talk About... Somebody, I Dunno.

  • California's animal control set a harsh precedent with the confiscation of unlawfully-kept pet Baby Luv from socialite Paris Hilton. The first to follow California's example, the state of New York sequesters Busta Rhymes' dreadlocks.
  • Not to be outdone by rival Ja Rule, rapper 50 Cent performs at a bigger, bling-ier bat mitzvah with Aerosmith, Don Henley, and buncha other straight thugs. Unfortunately at press time we were not able to confirm whether or not the festivities included a field trip to the candy shop. [Via Defamer]
  • After eating Us Weekly's dust a week ago today, Star swallows its pride and interrogates Ashlee Simpson on Jessica's freshly-single Thanksgiving. Spiralling further from top-shelf tabloid journalism, Star additionally questions Ashlee boyfriend/bandmate Ray Brady, who says that Nick Lachey has "not really been a topic of conversation for some time now." Which is what we've been trying to say for some time now.
  • Also on the Simpson front, Billy Bush of Access Hollywood expresses surprise at Joe Simpson's decision to go to Us with the breakup story after intimating to Bush on several occasions that he would "never" work with Us again. Here's the full intriguing story (scroll down to the Nov. 24th entry). [Via Perez Hilton]


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