Monday, November 28, 2005

Contrails: Paris Hilton Round-Up

  • Paris Hilton tells the Shop Etc. magazine, "I believed in Santa Claus until I was 17 when some mean person told me it wasn't true." Similarly, I believed in the fourth season of The Simple Life until some mean person told me it wasn't true. I wonder if it was the same person. But speaking of which....
  • Those Christmas angels over at E! ordered ten episodes of the abandoned fourth season of The Simple Life, and plan to follow the "Simple Wife" scenario Fox had at one time persued. The network - now the greatest in the history of television - has also picked up syndication rights for the previous three seasons of the show.
  • Finally, Paris Latsis and Stavros Niarchos III had a very vocal run-in this weekend at an American Music Awards afterparty. The story ends with allegations that Stavros rushed into the men's room and "puked everywhere." Paris Hilton's poor rep is sent in for the thankless save, attempting to defuse the story with the delightfully improbably claim that a close friend in the Stavros entourage is a dead ringer for everyone's favorite Patron consumer. Oh and get this: that's the guy who trashed the Hard Rock Hotel also.


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