Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Because You're Slow.

Some of you will remember that Tara Reid's 30th birthday was November 8. I posted a little heads up, right here. Not a big to-do. Defamer had already done a wonderful job. In fact, a few days later, they managed to snag a scan of the party invitation. Pretty awesome, right? Well, that was November 11. The party, as you can see, was scheduled for the following day, the 12th. Today is the 15th. There's finally some party coverage up at Defamer, A Socialite's Life and The Superficial. Which would be fine except it's all about how Tara didn't make a fool of herself because her mom was there. Big whoop. Sounds to me like somebody shit in a couple of bloggers' cereal. On top of that nonsense, I Don't Like You In That Way actually reports on the birthday itself just today! That story's accompanied by not unflattering pictures of Tara arriving at her party, followed by some remark about how they're gonna dig up those drunk photos any second now.

Guys, seriously. I know it's a slow news day. But at this point, running stories about how Tara didn't get wasted does not qualify as a hot story. And snaps about her being drunk? Somebody find me a cop and a donut or something. I forget how the joke goes.

And while I'm at it, remember this? I posted that like a week ago! So why is A Socialite's Life today running pictures from that same shoot? Seriously guys, you are all asleep at your respective switches. I have proven once and for all that U.N. Spacy is better than all y'all. Break yourself.


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