Friday, November 04, 2005

50 Cent Dotes On Jadakiss, Says He Wouldn't "Absolutely Like To See Him Suffer"

Rap star 50 Cent is quick to call out rivals, but won't hesitate to later extend a caring message of peace. This week's recipient of Mr. Cent's benevolent favors? Ruff Ryders/Lox shining star Jadakiss - who asks too many questions, by the way (ha!). Monday on MTV Radio Mr. Cent gushes about of Jadakiss,
"I don't resent him to the point where I'd absolutely like to see him suffer."
Not only that, Mr. Cent suggested that he'd be interested in working on Jadakiss's next album. Given Cent's open attacks on Jadakiss, this is a considerable development.
"There are other options and opportunities that may open up for [Jada] in the future," 50 said. "If he's smart enough to explore them, there is a possibility. I'm trying to build my company as fast as possible. There's unlimited possibilities."
Mr. Cent's been recruiting MCs for his G-Unit team like he's rolling a goddamn katamari (Mase?!?). However, in this instance Mr. Cent clarifies that this does not necessarily translate into an official G-Unit invite, even though such "G-vites" are easier to come by nowadays than gmail invitations.
"I didn't say I would sign him.... I said I didn't dislike him.... I only wrote two lines about Jadakiss [on 'Piggy Bank']."
Better not to reopen still-healing wounds, Mr. Cent. Or....
"I said, 'I'll do your little ass like Jay-Z did Mobb Deep.'"
I'm not really sure that this is the best tactic to winning Jadakiss over. But perhaps I'm not reading far enough into this lyric. Although I understand Cent's words literally, and I think I'm tuned into at least some of the finer nuances of his simile, I'm struggling to understand the understated subtext of this remark.
"That was 'put you on the Summer Jam screen.'"
Ah, I see! So, in "doing" Jadakiss's diminutive ass (that doesn't sound at all homoerotic, by the way) in a manner similar or comparable to the way Jay-Z did the Queensbridge murderer's respective asses, Mr. Cent was really doing the man a solid.
"That wasn't a disrespectful enough insult to stop Mobb Deep from doing business with me, and they made the best-performing record of their career with [50 Cent collaboration] 'Outta Control.' It went to the top 10 in all formats."
I know I've suggested it on these pages before, but now we've heard it straight from the horse's mouth. 50 Cent is hip-hop's Lindsay Lohan, folks. But will Jada quietly assume the Hilary position? LOX partner Sheek Louch suggests that he certainly will.
"50 will never put out a Kiss record! Ever!"
Neither Jadakiss nor his Ruff Ryders label offered comment on the subject, but if you want my opinion, Jada needs no help from Mr. Cent. Now you could ask, "Why?" But see, then you'd be falling right into his trap. In the interest of preventing that, I'll lay out my evidence immediately.

Compare Mr. Cent's
Go, go, go shorty
It's your birthday
We gonna party like it's your birthday
We gonna sip Bacardi like it's your birthday
And you know we don't give a fuck
It's not your birthday
with the following verses delivered by Jadakiss on a goddamn DMX track:
I hope you aint tongue-kissin your spouse
Cause I be makin' love in her mouth
Type of nigga buck at your house
Too slick? Means she be all on my tip
And before you know it, I'ma have her stuff in my crib
I'll call that case good and rested.


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