Thursday, October 13, 2005

The Ugly Side Of The Paris-Paris Split

Page Six reports:
PARIS Hilton broke up with Paris Latsis in a cold way: with her new man, Stavros Niarchos, listening to her on the phone, our sources say.
Seriously, this Hollywood party line shit has really gone stale. Because it's Paris, I'm gonna let it slide this time. But the next time I hear of a celebrity breakup that involves any three-person phone conversation in any form, I'll be forced to assume that the breakup actually stemmed from one or both party's zealous lust for kitten slaughter, and/or carnal relations with shetland ponies. I'm just sayin'.

The story also tells that Latsis and his friends are guffawing over Hilton's statement that Latsis told her to keep the engagement ring. "He says I earned it," she told Us Weekly.
One Latsis pal snipes: "How else did she earn it? With sex. Like a hooker. It's a diss and she didn't get it — no surprise."
Ouch. This is quite a change of tune from last week's "No you're the sweetest ex in the whole wide world!" "No you are!" antics. It would seem that the dust has yet to settle on this one.

The rest of Page Six's story chronicles Hilton's newly single nightlife, including this nugget:
Friday night, she caught the Killers performing in the [Hard Rock Hotel's] parking lot. Three-quarters of the way through the high-energy show, a palm tree caught fire after a fan threw a lit cigarette on it, sending thick black smoke over the VIP bleacher section. Hilton and her pals ran [including Bijou Philips and the atrociously tacky Kimberly Stewart] for safety and came back just in time for the final few songs. The girls partied well into Saturday morning, when Hilton was heard screaming: "I am so glad I'm single!"
Yeahyeahyeah, but since when were palm trees made out of gasoline-soaked flash paper? No, seriously.


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