Thursday, October 06, 2005

Lindsay Lohan LIES!!!

Yesterday we told you about Lindsay Lohan's second major car accident in under five months. Lohan claimed at that time that she was fleeing an angry horde of blood-sucking paparazzi. Now, the thlot pickens. MSNBC reports:
On Wednesday, the sheriff's department released a statement saying that paparazzi were, in fact, not a factor in the accident.

"Preliminary investigations have revealed that paparazzi were not a factor in the traffic collision, and the matter is being handled as a traffic collision only," the statement said.

In addition, Access Hollywood spoke to the man who was driving the other vehicle involved.

Raymundo Ortega told Access' Lizza Monet Morales that he was looking for a parking place on his way to work as a busboy at the Newsroom Cafe when his van was struck by Lindsay's black Mercedes.

The impact caused his van to collide with a white parked van.

As quoted on MTV News, Lieutenant Keith Swansson says,

"Photographers were not involved, not at all."
And sheriff's department spokesman Steve Whitmore says,
"The only person who is likely to be cited in this case is the van driver[...] Lindsay Lohan is an innocent victim in all of this."
But how innocent is someone who falsely accuses imaginary photographers of causing a serious auto accident? Is girlfriend seeing tracers? or is this just LiLo's impulsive response at the first sign of trouble?

We're not up to the onerous task of sorting that matter out, but in honor of LiLo’s recent mishap, U.N. Spacy asks readers to post their suggestions for other offenses (be they illegal, unethical, impolite, or simply impractical) that can now be reasonably (or, better, unreasonably) excused by the alleged presence of paparazzi. By all means, post as many as you can think of.


Blogger Aaron Burkhalter said...

I saw the Access Hollywood thing. Those dudes rampaged that street like madmen. They had interviews with the van driver, interviews with local shop people, they had security cameras from different shops. Went crizza-crazy...
Now, any of the following information I give is pending on your trust of the journalistic integrity of Access Hollywood.
They're take was that it was Lohan's fault. She was allegedly driving 75 miles an hour. They said it was to get away from the photographers. The footage they showed had a bunch of photographers on foot that didn't follow her after she drove away. That's a lie from Lohan.
Now the DUDE we come to learn was pulling a U turn, on what seemed to be a narrow road. Maybe Lohan was speeding, but she wasn't going no 75 miles an hour... Anway, I'm going to go do something to remind myself that my brain is worth more than analyzing LiLo's affairs...

5:32 PM  
Blogger Jack McKinney said...

Aaron, no brain should presume entitlement to a loftier occupation than the contemplation of daily Lindsay Lohan news. That's just not cool.

Now where's your newly-excusable offense???

10:13 AM  

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