Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Jessica Simpson Clearly On The Brink Of Collapse

Just Jared brings us these recent photos, showing Jessica Simpson and Ryan Dunn on their way to dinner in Santa Monica. Quick! Check to make sure she's wearing her ring!

Phew! That was a close one! Call me crazy, but there's something about the way Simpson flaunts her wedding ring that isn't entirely neighborly....

Manic and disturbed, Jessica's pose suggests to me that she's just broken into an ill-conceived third-person mock-hysteric fit, shreiking, "Look! It's that Jessica Simpson out fucking the rest of the Jackass cast! Bwaaaahhhhh! Mothers lock up your sons! Bwaaaahhhhh! I bet her giant designer handbag is filled with prophylactics! Bwaaaahhhhh! Rim job! BWAAAAHHHH!" I presume this little scene was fairly awkward for all present.


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