Friday, October 28, 2005

Contrails: Pictures This Glorious DO Make Up For Lazy Blogging

U.N. Spacy hasn't posted in freaking days. There's no real excuse for this, but please know that we've all been pretty busy - some on manuevers in Europe, others on couches closer to home. Anyways, we'll strive for better next week.
  • Here's a picture of Victoria Beckham reading a Scientology text. Technically, it looks more like it's being read to her in a manner similar to reading a picture book to a preschooler. Keep in mind, she does confess to never having finished a book. [via A Socialite's Life]
  • Elizabeth Hurley slams Sienna Miller's new, shorter haircut, apparently oblivious to the fact that Sienna Miller's playing Edie Sedgwick in a movie. What concerns me, though, is that the poor girl's walking around on two broken ankles!
  • In Touch covers the topics that matter to you, naming the amorphous gap between Jessica Simpson's bubbies The Best Cleavage In Hollywood. To get an impression of how beyond reproof the article's credibility is, take note that Nicolette Sheridan and Mariah Carey also made the top 10.
  • Wanna see Paris Hilton make out with Stavros Niarchos? Well, if you live in Southern California, it doesn't appear that you have any choice. Pictures here, here, and best of all, here.


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