Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Contrails: Paris Hilton, Mary-Kate Olsen To Begin Conspicuously Ignoring One Another

  • 50 Cent rival The Game is so effin' street that he's growing an afro, taking up acting, and hanging out with new neighbors Hilary Duff and Benji Madden. (All joking aside, is it not increasingly difficult to determine which Madden twin Duff dates?)
  • Paris Latsis calls ex-fiancé Paris Hilton “the most incredible woman I have ever met in my life." About the the pair's engagement, he says, "This was the best experience of my life and I will always be grateful for it."
  • Speaking of Ms. Hilton, the scuttlebutt these days is that she's cultivating a full-blown Greek billionaire fetish. It's said that an array of Hollywood club denizens, including Lindsay Lohan, Jessica Simpson, and Hilary Duff are distancing themselves from Hilton. Why? Because she's apparently seeing Stavros "Patron, not Cuervo!" Niarchos, Mary-Kate Olsen's boyfriend by my last count.
  • Strictly For My Nerdz: The Criterion Collection's latest newsletter let's slip plans to release Whit Stillman's Metropolitan on DVD early next year. This announcement has substantially turned up the heat in numerous geek fights. Less contested is Criterion's confirmation of plans to remaster and reissue Jacques Tati's Playtime sometime next year. On the music front, Sonic Youth fans can dance the happy-dance to news that the band is putting out a new SYR record before the year's end. Additionally, the band will reissue the Madonna-centric Whitey Album and (finally) their self-titled debut EP sometime in 2006.


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