Friday, October 07, 2005

Contrails: Katie Holmes Dumps Publicist

  • Britney Spears disses hubby Kevin Federline, constantly telling friends that she's "raising two kids now." I'm not even faking a "Snap" for that one, Brit. That shit's waaaay Home Improvements Season Five.
  • Michael Lohan is about two steps from slasher-flick-level dimensia (second item). Most recently he tells daughter Lindsay, "Hold onto my shirt honey, soon enough you'll be able to hold on to me!"
  • For some reason, U.N. Spacy hasn't covered this story yet, but we figure our readers are well informed enough to take this update without confusion. There's another Kate Moss cocaine video! UPDATE: We're totally suckers for spoof items these days. My apologies to anyone who experienced profound confusion.
  • Freshly with-child Katie Holmes this week fired her publicist of nearly eight years. Rumor has it that Tom Cruise's sister, Le Ann De Vette, will assume publicist duties for Holmes. Since commencing her unholy union with Cruise, Holmes has also let go her manager and agent.


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