Friday, October 14, 2005

Contrails: Hilton Dumps Publicist

  • Kevin Federline is investing millions in a dance school venture with Michael Jackson's father.
  • Paris Hilton has ended her business relationship with publicist Rob Shuter. (See, we hafta clarify it as a "business relationship," 'cause otherwise y'all get all "Whooooooooo!" And that really slows this whole thing down.) Says an insider, "She felt that the press wasn’t respectful enough. I mean, Rob’s a publicist, not a magician." Ahem. Snap!
  • Speaking of Paris, wanna buy her fabric softener? Of course you do! (Via Defamer)
  • Vanity Fair doesn't care about black people.
  • MTV purchased the iFilm Corp. for $49 million. iFilm built a reputation as the internet's most popular destination for buzz-fueled video content. Watch for all that to disappear within a year, as MTV makes more room for stagey short attention span programming about privileged young people.
  • As previously reported, Kill Reality is filled with water sports and worse, but none of it involves that classy, classy broad Trishelle Cannatella - regardless of what you may have heard (or seen) of her eating group meals topless. However, when it comes to sweaty three-ways with Survivor star Jonny Fairplay and The Real World's Tonya Cooley, word on the street is that Trishelle moans, "I have to have it! I need it!" If that allegation seems outlandish, probably you missed Trishelle's season of The Real World. Not to mention her date auction on eBay.
  • Time for some more free music, don't you think? How 'bout a new Cat Power track? (via Pitchfork Media)


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