Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Contrails: Aniston-Vaughn Balcony Make-Out Session!

  • Clearly Jennifer Aniston will do absolutely anything to reclaim her Us Weekly Photo Death Match title.
  • If you bump into Janice Dickinson and have a spare Xanax, you may be in luck - that is, if you've ever wanted to get this close to the experience of screwing a tranny in a restroom.
  • Bill O'Reilly sympathetically refers to Lindsay Lohan as a "poor little girl." My memory's a little cloudy at the moment, but he may be citing Michael Lohan's ballad.
  • There's already a damned pilot in the can for Ashton Kutcher's new sitcom, 30 Year Old Grandpa. We here at U.N. Spacy have nary a clue what a premise for such a program might look like.


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