Thursday, September 29, 2005

UPDATED: Another Insider Scoop On 'Simple Life' Season 4

MSNBC reports:
Expect the hubbies in the new season of "The Simple Life" to be a bit randy. That’s what the producers are looking for.

The concept for the new show has former best friends Paris Hilton and Nicole Ritchie — who are no longer speaking to each other — trying to be surrogate moms in strange households. A casting call has gone out to find families willing to be filmed, and a source familiar with the search says that the execs have declared: “The friskier the dad, the better.”

“They’re looking for dads who are likely to make a play for Paris or Nicole,” says a source. “They’re saying they’re willing to pay the families ‘a substantial’ amount of money for two days of shooting and that African-American families are a plus.” Why’s that? Says the source: “I think it’s just because they already have some white families and they want to be multicultural.”

Admittedly, this is little more than a decoded retread of Us Weekly's fluff piece from last week. If all this turns out to be true, the show's fourth season will depart somewhat from previous seasons' tendency to portray the heads of households as asexually paternal. The suggestion that families are asked to commit to "two days of shooting" suggests that this season will feature one or two families per episode, continuing the manic pace and formulaic plotting that dominated the second and third seasons. Why oh why could Fox not do a show about the girls' wedding preparations?

UPDATE: Confirming Us's assertion that the show was looking for a lesbian couple, Defamer reprints the following casting call email:

The Simple Life is in need of a lesbian family in LA County. Age is not an issue, although preferably the children are not infants. 2 Day commitment for $2500! Paris and Nicole-LIVING IN YOUR HOUSE, LADIES!

We need to find families ASAP, so please forward this email to anyone you think might be interested.


Doubtless L.A.'s lesbian community is utterly ebullient right now, since everybody knows that gay women are nuts for Paris Hilton. Oh, and for the record, from here on out, "substantial" officially means $2500.

Finally, let me just say that if the lesbian family episode does not include an awkward Paris monologue about her own H.L.A. with a certain "Egglplant Dike Ass" (replete with record-slip sound effect) I swear to God I'll stop fucking watching.


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