Saturday, September 24, 2005

'The Simple Life' Update: 'The Simple Wife'?

It's been mere days since Paris Hilton insisted that casting for the fourth season of The Simple Life was not finalized. Now several sources are supporting the long-held public assumption that Nicole Richie will appear opposite Paris, and that the two feuding ex-BFFs will film at separate locations. Us Weekly's Hot Stuff claims that the two will trade duties as substitute housewives in various "reality" households. "Since they are engaged to be married," says Hot Stuff's hot source, "we thought it would be fun to have them be wives-in-training. Both of them are into it." Tentatively titled The Simple Wife, oral sex jokes involving overweight and inadequately-toothed men from Tennessee are sure to ensue. Asked if a reconciliation between the two is possible, the source says, "We're not holding our breath." Hot Stuff claims that filming may commence as early as November, and that producers have begun scouting locations and screening families, including a lesbian couple and "an inner-city family." U.N. Spacy is unsure what "inner-city family" specifically refers to, but we're confident Fox's definition is sufficiently racist for the purposes of comedically timed record-skip sound effects.


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