Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Rebecca Romijn-O'Connell

Us Weekly reports:
Jerry O'Connell, 31, and Rebecca Romijn. 32, are getting married. Romijn's publicist tells Us, ''They are engaged.'' (O'Connell's publicist also confirms the engagement.) A source close to the couple tells Us, ''Jerry popped the question over the weekend. He asked her at his family's apartment in Manhattan that he grew up in. They've only told their closest family members and friends.'' The source adds, ''But she is 100% not pregnant.'' Romijn, a former model who rercently [sic] has been shooting X Men 3, divorced ex-husband John Stamos last April after ten years; she began dating O'Connell, star of NBC's Crossing Jordan, last summer.

On Monday Sept. 19, the newly engaged couple hopped an early morning United Airlines flight from Newark to Los Angeles, during which they cuddled in the first class section. ''It looked like they hadn't slept in a few days,'' a passenger told Us. ''But they were glowing.'' The passenger added, ''She was wearing a humongous diamond ring.''

That's right folks, the celeb couple whose pictures I always flip right past because they're mind-numbingly boring hadn't "slept in a few days," and "were glowing." That's Us Insider speak for "daaaaamn they sure got with the fuck-ing this weekend! And lemme tell ya, it was noisy!" As for the 100% not pregnant bit, I give the gift of ridicule to you, dear readers. Use it well.


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