Tuesday, September 27, 2005

R. Kelly, Wife Separate; Allegations Of Abuse Made Public

MTV reports:
R. Kelly's got another chapter of marital drama to sing about — but this time, it's from his own life.

Earlier this month, Kelly's wife, Andrea, was granted an emergency protective order to keep the singer away from her, claiming physical abuse, harassment, stalking and interfering with her personal liberty. She had written in her petition that she didn't want any contact with him "at all, by any means." When that order expired on Friday, she asked for it to be dismissed instead of extended — but she's since hired one of Chicago's top divorce attorneys, Donald Schiller, who told MTV News that while Andrea Kelly hasn't filed for divorce, the couple are now separated and she's moved out of their home[...]

"Last summer I was slapped for lying to him," she wrote in the petition to get the restraining order, "and we made up, but I asked for a divorce and he pinned me down and continued to hit me, yelling, 'Don't you leave me! Why are you leaving me?' He says, 'I'm sorry, I'm not a wife-beater, my hand was open. It's not like I did it for no reason. You made me do it.' "

Andrea Kelly, who married the singer in 1996 and has three children with him, wrote that she never called the police because "I thought it would get better."
For his part, R. Kelly says,
"My wife and I had a heated argument, and we are now in the process of working it out," R. Kelly said in a statement released Monday (September 26). "We hope that the press and public will give us the time and privacy we need to resolve this very personal situation."
It seems almost perfunctory to point out that Kelly's current meal ticket is a lengthy tale of personal situations decidedly not resolved, in which Kelly fires off a Beretta and does a little choking. But I think we can all agree that Kelly's private life has been so exemplary that his request is more than fair, really.

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