Monday, September 12, 2005

Paris Hilton's 'Vanity Fair' Interview

Blurbs from Paris Hilton's interview with Krista Smith in Vanity Fair are popping up all over the internets. The issue is already available to New Yorkers, and will hit stands throughout the nation tomorrow. Anyways, here's the highlights reel, for those not already in the know.
  • Paris Hilton is happy with tycoon fiance Paris Kasidokostas, also known as Paris Latsis or He Paris, settling down to a quieter life and planning to procreate in two years. "I'm so happy. It's cool," she says of her life with Kasidokostas. "He's just amazing.... Every day I'm like, 'This is not real,' I thought I was just going to settle, and end up with some jackass." Girl had high hopes for herself, no? To her defense, we thought she'd end up with a jackass, too. Possibly because of the whole only dating jackasses thing, I dunno.
  • Hilton was underwhelmed by the engagement ring Kasidokostas gave her. "I like it," Hilton said, "but it's yellow, and I'm like, I didn't want yellow for my engagement ring." A 24-carat emerald-cut replacement diamond ring, valued at about $2 million, has been ordered. Shit like this is why we will always love Paris Hilton.
  • Hilton says she's so over the infamous sex tape she made at age 19 with Rick Salomon. "I used to think it was so bad, but it's like, everyone has sex. I'm sure everyone has filmed a tape," she said. Everyone?!? I'm never loaning out my camcoder again! Reminiscing about the 1 Night In Paris shoot, she says, "I don't even really remember filming it. I was so out of it in that tape." Again, this is why we will always love Paris Hilton.
  • Hilton said the party life is no longer for her. "The nightclub scene is a very dark, bad scene." Couldn't she be a little more specific? Are we talking snuff-film trading? Sadomasochistic orgies? Animal sacrifice? Uggs? "People do drugs," she clarifies. "They stay out all night. They can't miss a night." Huh, that's the first we've heard of anything like that. Hilton says she wouldn't consider dating within that scene. Kasidokostas, she says, "loves me and likes staying home with our dogs and me cooking." Somewhere out there Tinkerbell is working over a punching bag, preparing for Bambi's day of reckoning.


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