Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Paris Hilton Looks At Members Of Opposite Sex, Still Uncertain About 'Simple Life' Casting

MSNBC reports that Paris Hilton has been casting "long, loving looks" at Ricardo Mansur, an ex-boyfriend of John Casablancas' pick for the Nobel Prize, Gisele Bundchen.

People, this shit has gone ridiculous. In another window, do a google images search for Paris Hilton. Glance over the results, then come back. Now then, how many of those pictures did not feature Paris casting "long, loving looks?" Get what I'm saying? Paris is not one for subtlety. If she were going to run around behind Man Paris's back, you'd now be scrolling through four posts worth of pictorials and streaming video featuring objectionable camerawork and lighting decisions. But moving right along, the same item reports,
Hilton seems confused about another partnership as well. The star of the reality show “The Simple Life” was telling people [at a recent photo shoot] that she had no idea who her co-star would be, even though show insiders say that Nicole Richie has a contract to appear opposite in the series. Hilton, however, is telling people “we start shooting in November, but I’m not sure who I will appear with.”
This morning The Superficial shared a number of theories about Paris's odd behavior, but I feel like the answer might be much simpler: maybe Paris Hilton's gets her news from WENN/IMDb.


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