Friday, September 02, 2005

Lil Jon And Scott Storch’s Beat Bitin’ Beef

One-time collaborators Lil Jon and Scott Storch have opened the rivalry floodgates. Says Lil Jon:

"Scott Storch is biting my style now. I'm putting it out there on MTV News: Scott Storch is a biter. A lot of them records sound like Lil Jon, but they Scott Storch. Have you heard that? All the singles started sounding like me."
I shouldn’t hafta point out that when Lil Jon’s bandying about words like “biter,” shit is crazy. Nevertheless, Storch isn’t taking Jon’s taunts lying down.
"It's sort of nonsense. There's a message I have for that: just get on my level. I'm a musician, so I don't know anything about [biting]. I've been doing this for 15 years and I've been innovating and always have been someone who's been a pioneer in creating the new sound. I don't see any [similarity] in our music, other than we both like to use low-end and bass. I think it's just sad in this industry that sometimes the pressures of being successful make you say things that are untrue. This year has been a great year for me: I've had 18 singles that have had nothing to do with each other sound-wise.”
Storch adds, “Each have their own look,” which baffles U.N. Spacy.

Undaunted, Lil Jon has set a trap for Storch, sending a ringer to the airwaves for Storch to more conspicuously bite on. “If you listen to the new Styles record I produced,” says Jon, “it don’t sound like a regular Lil Jon record.” Clever. Very clever.

But what's all this got to do with Paris Hilton? Well for one, it's been a few days since Darling Paris and her tilted head have graced these pages, which was reason enough to put her picture here. But also, there's this week's speculation that she's (a) steppin' out on her Man Paris, and (b) doing so with her record producer, Scott Storch. But today website Perez Hilton tells us that's not the case, and that all is well in the land of multiple Parises. As it turns out, Storch was far too busy picking up his pimp cup from the engraver, pricing dread waxes, and taking conference calls with his orthodontist and Jacob the Jeweler to get his VMA swerve on this weekend.


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