Tuesday, September 20, 2005

JC Chasez Learns Much From 50 Cent's Dilligent Research

Recently rap star 50 Cent opened up the books on his months of pop music study, teaching the world a hard lesson about marketing albums with divergent personas. It appears that Mr. Cent's research hasn't fallen on deaf ears. JC Chasez, for one, has answered Mr. Cent's call to arms.

Chasez wasn't entirely satisfied with his first solo album, which was titled - ahem - Schizophrenic. MTV News reports that Chasez is putting the finishing touches on a follow-up to that record, and taking more than a little of Mr. Cent's advise. Says Chasez,
"The last one had a pretty broad spectrum, so this time I'm gonna give people more of a journey in the same direction."
Mr. Cent-1, Split-Personality Pop Artists-0.


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