Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Is She... No That's Not Possible, But Isn't That Glass Filled With... It Couldn't Be, There's Just No... HOLY SHIT LINDSAY'S DRINKING RED WINE!!!

[Picture courtesy A Socialite's Life.] Normally I'd type something bitchy here, but today I pass the keyboard to kelyseyw91391, who vents her consternation on IMDb's message boards.
I was on the computer one day reading about Lohan, and found out she does drugs,smoaks, and goes to club parties. My mom told me she saw it on tv but for some stupid reason i was like that cnt be true, then i found out it was true. And I also saw it on a magizine. You know Lindsay, i used to be your fan, but im not anymore because of what you do, and if you would change your life style, then ybe i will br your fan, and if i had to choose between you and hilary, i would most deffitnly choose hilary because she lives a better life then you [um, sic].
Snatothemothafuckinizap! Heated debate over whether or not booze, cigarettes, and drugs definitively make one a bad person ensues.


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