Friday, September 23, 2005

Hilton 'Vanity Fair' Interview Teeming With Lies And Omissions!

We here at U.N. Spacy pride ourselves on delivering hard facts. It is simply not in our interest to regurgitate hearsay and slander from historically unreliable sources. With these nobile aims in mind, we present Star Magazine's rebuttal of Paris Hilton's interview with Vanity Fair.

Responding to Hilton's claim that she's not sexual at home, Star quotes an unnamed Hilton ex-lover, who says, "She's the most sexual person I've ever dated.... We did it in every bathroom, every changing room, every bar, every nook and cranny we could get into. She's even had sex in clubs, in open view of people." Plus, he confides to Star, "It's not just men. She's sexual with girls and guys — she's hooked up with a lot of girls." What exactly think Vanity Fair is protecting us from? This is the kind of stuff readers need to know!

The interview states that Hilton "has all but given up late-night club hopping." Oh yeah? Says Star,
That claim fails to take into account scores of recent sightings of Paris club hopping — not just at her usual U.S. haunts, but also with fiancé Latsis in his native Greece! Hilton has a long history of partying. A friend says, "She and her sister Nicky used to crash bar mitzvahs at the Waldorf, and they'd get drunk."
Holyshityourekiddingme! How the hell did Vanity Fair miss that?

But wait, there's more. Paris' still-unnamed ex says that although Paris Latsis may believe his fiancee has settled down, she's partying behind his back, often sneaking out with friends after having a quiet dinner with him.

On the interview's claim that Hilton is "an avid cook who makes a mean lasagna," an insider tells Star, that although the heiress does like to cook, "she's no gourmet or anything. After all, she practically grew up in a hotel with room service." Oh, snap! The friend adds that Hilton's fridge is stocked with "Red Bull, Coke, jelly and American cheese for making grilled-cheese sandwiches." What were they doing over there? Man, I'm never reading Vanity Fair again!


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