Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Hilary Duff Feeds Cheese To Chihuahua As Reward For Butt Juts

MTV has a story up currently on celebrity's pets. It's so behind the times that Tinkerbell is still credited as Paris Hilton's primary pet, but there's some good stuff on U.N. Spacy's favorite object of ridicule, Hilary Duff.

Hil has two dogs, Lola and Macy - a chihuahua and a pocket Pomeranian. Hil likes to dress Lola up in doggie clothes - so much so that when Hilary takes her into L.A. doggie boutique Maxwell Dog, Lola revolts. "Lola is literally like, 'No, no more!' because I try so many outfits on her," the singer says. Even if she protests, Lola does tend to show off her fresh threads.
"Lola knows she looks hot in her new Hello Kitty dress," says The Micronian Queen. "She prances around like she owns wherever she goes when she has it on." Lola does tricks too (well, "she was a showgirl"), earning a piece of cheese as a reward for sticking her butt up in the air each time Hil cries "Booty!" U.N. Spacy sources intimate that Joel Madden has the same arrangement, only with Fruit Rollups.

Wanna know something else? At some point Hilary Duff had plans for her own dog clothing line. If anyone knows if that took off, give a shout.


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