Monday, September 19, 2005

Contrails: That Jordan, She Sure Is One Classy Dame!

  • The formerly-babytoothed Mena Suvari has her publicists fax her tabloid coverage to herself and, when brutally inappropriate, her ex-husband.
  • Page Six nonchalantly reports that Jeremy Piven's "new best pals" are Mary-Kate Olsen, Lindsay Lohan, and Kelly Osbourne. Since dude's damn near forty, U.N. Spacy encourages readers to point and laugh.
  • More pictures from the wedding of Jordan and Peter Andre. And that means more tiara.
  • 50 Cent tells MTV News that "In the history of music there hasn't been an artist that's successful — I did my research, so trust me — that put out an album that was themed with a split personality or more than one type of personality." U.N. Spacy would never question your powers of academic inquiry, Mr. Cent, and we totally got your back on this one. You can't go spittin' all thug one minute, then suddenly switch it up and, I dunno, do a music video with Brandy or a song about, let's for the sake of argument say, a candy shop. That shit just won't bump in the streets.
  • Anyone else notice meta-record-review guru Brent DiCrescenzo's contributions to Pitchfork Media over the last couple weeks? After last year's pseudo-retirement (or whatever is you call it when you grow tired of writing record reviews), it appears Brent may be gettin' a little Jigga with us.


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