Friday, September 02, 2005

Contrails: Lil Jon and Jaleel White -- Separated at Birth?

  • WHAT?!? Did I do that? WHAT?!? I don't have to take this; I'm going home. YEAH!!! OKAY!!!
  • I gave you music last week, so I figure from now on you'll be expecting it. Greedy bastards. Here are four mid-quality mp3s of AFX's vinyl-only Analord 08. People who know say this the best of the Analord series. People who don't know say, "Who's AFX?" He's Aphex Twin, silly.
  • When nearly-untarnished careers get all moldy and gross: Sidney Poitier will appear in the music video for Jamie Foxx's new "Extravaganza" single. Either Jamie Foxx just punk'd the whole world, or the whole world's gone crazy.
  • Either Eva Longoria's helping Slater from Saved by the Bell with some much-needed PR, thus proving that she is by any standard unreasonably famous, or Mario Lopez is about to turn the fucking tables. Represent.
  • Using "Hilary Duff phone" on Google Images got me that picture of Hil on her cell. Incidentally, it also got me this. Check out the last photo. Definitely NSFW.


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