Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Contrails: Jessica Alba Develops Video Game, Helps Infants With Self-Esteem Issues, Calls Out Misogynistic Auteurs

  • Radar reports that, ever since the Oscars, Jamie Foxx has been "behaving like an Acadamy Award-worthy asshole onset." On the one hand, Radar's evidence is less than damning. On the other hand, I'd be sorely disappointed if Foxx didn't cash in his new Oscar for at least a little trailer huff time.
  • Nicole Kidman speaks out on behalf of psychiatry. Despite her ex-husbands heavily publicized tirades against the field, Kidman will play a psychiatrist in her upcoming film, The Visiting. At least now we know where Benji's "Snap!" went....
  • Speaking of movies, The New Pornographers got all kinds of cheeky with the website to their new album, Twin Cinema. Thanks to Aaron for the tip!
  • And finally, how about a Jessica Alba hat trick? Says she, "I'm developing a video game." About her new line of infant clothing, she says, "My baby line is all about being an individual, and we're going to have little quotes and sayings that empower babies to be individuals, even when they're little babies." Alba also has some psychoanalytic theories about certain male directors (and by "certain," we mean "John Stockwell").
    "I find that probably directors who don't have a lot of luck with women on their own personal time really use the forum of the set to break down the woman and feel like 'The Big Cheese'.... I call them out, I say, 'look, if this is what you want, I'll get there, but you don't need to demean me.'"
    You tell 'em, Jess. But, ah, doesn't this Big Cheese Theory suggest that your directors might perceive you as something other than simply a talented and professional thespian? Because it kind of sounds like you think that they choose to work with you as some sort of substitution for revenge on girls of comparable physical attributes who've previously withheld affections. I'm sure that's not what you meant though, because you've made it explicitly clear that good looks haven't factored into casting decisions in your experience.


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