Monday, September 26, 2005

Contrails: Demi and Ashton Have Wed, Paris And Paris Still Haven't, And Brad Looks Terrific In A Beret

  • Us Weekly exclusive: Ashton Kucher and Demi Moore were married Sunday night in their Beverly Hills home. The notable fact that eight Us reporters were required to bring you this story seems like the punchline to a instantly forgettable joke.
  • A Socialite's Life posted those Us Weekly pictures of a young Brad Pitt that I mentioned a week or so ago. Well worth a gander.
  • More allegations (here and here) that the Paris Hilton-Paris Latsis engagement is off. Please note that the only credited source for this information is He Paris's father, who you'll recall last claimed that he'd never heard that they were even dating. Also note that the couple dined together at Koi last week.


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