Thursday, September 29, 2005

Contrails: Christina Aguilera Is "The Nastiest Celebrity" Charlotte Church Has Ever Met

  • Pharrell Williams tells Complex Magazine that he's fallen in love and is considering marriage. Says hip-hops most loveable sidekick, "There's definitely a girl that I love.... She hears my whispers." Let's be clear about something, Pharrell, we've all heard your whispers. And your falsetto. And some weird clicking thing you do with your tongue. Like a million times. And generally we considered it a little short of the "love" mark.
  • I'm sorry, but did you just say that Connie Nielsen is dating Lars Ulrich?!? What, is she trying to be ironic or something?
  • Us Weekly is boasting "a glimpse of [Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie's] secretive, and serious, romance with a family outing to Canada's Galaxyland theme park and a parents-only trip to the grocery store." Goddamn, that's gonna be hot!
  • Viggo Mortensen's got quite the story. On the set of A History of Violence, director David Cronenberg prepared Mortensen and costar Maria Bello for their sex scene together by demonstrating the performances he was looking for with his wife. Naked.
  • Charlotte Church calls Xtina Aguilera "the nastiest celebrity I've ever met" and "quite rude." Xtina's flacks quickly correct that she's actually the "nasstiest celebrity," and that yes, there is a distinction.
  • Jessica Alba has two pugs named Sid and Nancy. Wow, that like totally changes my opinion of her. I mean you look at her and see one thing, and then you hear stuff like this and you think, 'Wow, I guess she must be a complex, interesting person with tastes that border on edgy after all.' Oh, also she says, "If I just want to fuck somebody, I don’t really want to see him in the morning."


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