Wednesday, September 28, 2005

California Taps Hilary Duff To Educate Kids On Healthy Bodies

First of all, OMG, happy 18th birthday Hilary Duff!

But more interesting, MTV reports,
She's participating in an anti-obesity campaign to encourage kids to eat right and exercise via a PSA that will hit the airwaves in California this week.

"Even though I spend an
hour in the makeup chair before each show, that alone isn't going to make me look good," the singer says in the upbeat radio message. "All the makeup in the world can't make up for poor nutrition. ... I have to stay fit and eat right because, hello! What goes inside is going to eventually show on the outside."

Initiated by the California School Nutrition Association, Duff's PSA is but one part of a campaign called "Stay fit. Eat right. Looking good, California!" that is supposed to help make the state the nation's model for health, nutrition and fitness, at Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger's behest. The campaign's Web site,, also includes healthy-meals recipes for kids as well as forums for them to put forth questions to chefs and personal trainers.

"Our profession feeds children every day in California schools," CSNA President Rhonda DeVaux said. "As their day-to-day nutritional advocates, we saw the need to be at the forefront of change through legislative efforts, education and better communication with kids and their families. This campaign is a good start."

Duff, who recorded two versions nine months ago, also espouses in the PSA the virtues of healthy snacks such as fruits or vegetables, "because they love me as much as I love them," as well as eating well-balanced meals. She tells listeners they'll be able to find what they're looking for in the nutritionist-planned meals available at public school cafeterias, which is "like having your own private chef watching your diet."
Let this be a lesson to the CSNA - never wait nine months to air footage of a teen pop star. If California parents have their wits about them, this is what the borders will look like by week's end.
Let's try to keep things calm and orderly, with a minimum of panic and hysteria.


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