Monday, September 05, 2005

Australian Newspaper's Webmaster Asleep at the Switch.

So maybe this isn't the most compelling story of the day, or even a very interesting one. But I do find it amusing. Australian Newspaper The Age ran a nice story about a new documentary entitled "Darwin's Nightmare". I have not seen the film, as it is not yet in North American distribution. By this account it uses the story of a carnivorous fish having disrupted the local ecosystem as a metaphor for the West's cannibalization of Africa.
Darwin's Nightmare is a story of starvation and excess, business and poverty, of fish exported to Europe and Asia while local people endure famine, a process that has disrupted lives in so many ways, with ramifications that include prostitution, disease, glue-sniffing, homelessness, AIDS and the arms trade.
Actually I think that sounds like a really solid piece of work, especially after having read the article. Anyway, part of the film focuses on a man named Raphael, who apparently guards a research institute with a bow and arrow for a dollar a night. The director of the film, Hubert Sauper, seems ambivalent about the praise and attention his film is getting as well as the opportunities this might afford him.
"A friend came up with a beautiful phrase about this. He told me, 'To talk about Raphael might earn you $300 for 10 minutes. To be Raphael earns you $300 in a year."'
Wow. Nice little sound bite. All this is very well and good. Like I said, the movie looks fascinating. But after all this talk about the horrible conditions in Africa, is it really prudent to have the following link at the end of the article?

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Nice work, guys.


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