Friday, September 30, 2005

Alicia Silverstone Dealt A Nasty Insult By

Naturally, I ordered the new "Whatever Edition" DVD of Clueless, and strongly recommend that readers do the same (did you realize that Stacy Dash is thirty-nine-years- old???). For personal reasons I'd rather not elaborate on, I opted to order this item from But I hadn't realized that, in doing so, I would be funding a slanderous hate-tank. Below is an image from the tres bitchy packing slip that came in the box.

Has Alicia Silverstone's career really receded so far below the feature film horizon that she can't even be credited with the lead role in Clueless anymore? For shame, Amazon. For shame!


Blogger Aaron Burkhalter said...

More to the point, when did Paul Rudd become a name worth noting? Hasn't he basically just done supporting roles where audience members went "Wait, I've seen that dude in something..."
Not saying that he's a bad actor or anything, I'm just assuming that Silverstone still reigns supreme in popularity on his butt...

11:38 AM  

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