Wednesday, August 03, 2005

UPDATED: Mortaza-Lohan Relationship Rumors Fabricated

Radar reports that allegations of a relationship between Lingerie Bowl mastermind Mitch Mortaza and Lindsay Lohan (covered by UN Spacy here) appear to be a result of a sinister publicity stunt:
[A]pparent associates of Mortaza—party promoters linked to the Cabana and Spider clubs in L.A.—have been e-mailing “exclusive tips” to various publications chronicling a tumultuous romance between the teen queen and the 31-year-old TV producer. Several of the tips have been printed nearly verbatim. None of them appear to be true [...]

Lohan’s rep, Leslie Sloane, says the starlet doesn’t even know him: “I’ve got tabloid reporters calling me every day with these same items, saying they heard he was seen outside Cartier buying her a ring—all from the same source. She’s not dating him. There is no way they are together[...] I think Mitch needs to get a life. I’m ready to stick a cease and desist on these guys.”

When contacted at the Cabana Club, the writer of the e-mails denied sending them, and Mortaza’s rep said she could not comment on his “personal life.”

I haven't lost hope yet. It's entirely possible that memory loss is another side-effect of Lohan's recent and tumultuous bout with puberty.

LATE BREAKER: Over here there's a story about Ashlee Simpson trying to get her grubby mitts on Mitch under LiLo's nose. This provokes two questions: 1)Just how good is Mortaza's coke hook-up? 2) Is there anyone left that Spider Club won't let in? I have visions of Hilary Duff chained in the basement to be let out only if attendance is really bad and/or the Yeah Yeah Yeahs show up.


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