Friday, August 19, 2005

UN Spacy Receives Free Issue Of Rolling Stone!

To my surprise, yesterday's mail brought the latest issue of Rolling Stone. If I choose, I may return a card that will grant me four more issues at no cost, as enticement to subscribe - no strings attached! I'm not going to send in this card, because the whole thing seems a little too much like the premise of a particularly poor J-horror film, but I do have this one freebie to enjoy. And being a bat-crazy communist type, I feel an obligation to share it with you. Today and through the weekend I'll post on several items contained in this issue that put a giddy smile on my face. It'll be just like old times, only without all those pesky articles about music. So come on over, cuddle up, and let's page through this thing. And seriously, folks, let's not have any tickling or grab-assing - for God's sake I'm trying to blog here!


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