Friday, August 19, 2005

Rolling Stone Cuddle-Up: If He Wanted To, R. Kelly Could Probably Get A Library Card In Marvin Gaye's Name

I'll not beat around the bush: R. Kelly says he now has FIFTEEN chapters of the "Trapped In The Closet" saga in the can. Course he also says he's recorded unreleased albums of Indian and African music, so let's just say I'll believe it when I hear it. (And let's also say that when I do hear it, I really won't believe it.) Kelly also tells Rolling Stone about a "museum room" in his house.
"I keep all my awards down there, and childhood photos, and even all the clothes I've worn on tour, in videos and on album covers."
And there's one memento in the collection that's a little less narcissistic.
"I have Marvin Gaye's driver's license. His wife sent it to me, because she really loved my Happy People record.... The license is from California. I get inspired every time I look at it."
Laugh if you want, but UN Spacy takes daily comfort from admiring its replica impression of a handstamp Mark Lisanti once used to gain entrance to the Tropicana.

Finally, Kelly sets the record straight on celly pimpin'.
"If you're depending on a ring tone or vibration to prove you're a playa, then believe me, brotha, you are not a playa - you hustlin' backward."
I'll sign off here, as I need a few minutes to recollect my dignity, not to mention slow my roll. My whole playaspective has just been turned on its head, and it may be some time before this little pimp is ready to confidently resume hustlin'.


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