Friday, August 12, 2005

Richie Movie Rescheduled, WENN/IMDb News Team Asleep At The Wheel

Page Six reports that the release of Ashley Olsen Nicole Richie’s movie Kids in America has been pushed forward to October 21st. Previously the movie was set for a November 4 release. Perhaps not coincidentally, rival Paris Hilton’s own film, Pledge This!, was recently scheduled for release on the same day. For those who doubt that this change had anything to do with the Paris-Nicole rivalry, check out what Kids in America producer Andrew Schaifer has to say. "My concern now is that Paris is going to continue to play follow the leader.... She will try to horn in on Nicole's p.r. again."

On a related note, the persistently-tardy WENN/IMDb today reports that Paris Hilton’s Pledge This! has just been booked for a November 4 release. If you didn’t read the above paragraph, or missed UN Spacy’s report of ten days ago, this is yesterday’s papers, as they say.

What’s the deal with WENN/IMDb newsroom? UN Spacy’s hardly a satellite-powered operation, and even we’re making asses of them lately. Two days ago they ran a story on Lindsay Lohan’s pot-smoking-confession-slash-cocaine-disavowal. Trusting the news to be current, even Lohancyclopedia Defamer linked to the story. This one’s comically old - IMDb themselves ran the story on March 3rd! With the same picture! Case rested. SNAP.


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