Friday, August 19, 2005

Jessica Alba Pulls More Lines Out Of Her Ass

UN Spacy has felt truly left out about being the only webpage or flat surface on the planet to not publish one of these shots, so this post comes as something of a relief. Anyways, several days ago UN Spacy brought you the goods on Jessica Alba's claim that she's snapped off some script ideas for sequels to the aggressively foul Fantastic Four movie. Today Page Six reports that Alba isn't sure she's even interested in appearing in a sequel.
A sequel to this year's "Fantastic Four" is in the works, and the original stars are set to reprise their superhero roles — except for Jessica Alba.... [T]he sexy starlet is uncertain the follow-up would be a judicious career move.
Since a sequel to a terrible movie is usually another terrible movie, Alba's probably quite correct that this is an unwise career move - especially for someone who popularized the pasteurization of milk and can communicate with larger species of seagull. By all rights, a girl of her talent and credibility should be working with a P.T. Anderson, an Assayas, or a Haneke - which brings Page Six to its next point:
[W]e hear Alba has agreed to star alongside Jimmy Fallon in the movie remake of the classic sitcom, "I Dream of Jeannie."
Certainly, this role will deliver Alba and her famous derriere t
he critical accolades she's long deserved. With any luck, it might also give her an opportunity to use her long-neglected nightvision.


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