Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Jamie Foxx to Mr. Cent: "Tear Down This Wall."

Apparently Jamie Foxx has taken it upon himself to calm the Perfect Storm that is the latest hip-hop feud. Not only was he "distressed" by Suge Knight popping a self-inflicted cap, he also believes that the "Fuck you. No, fuck you" antics of 50-cent and Phat Joe "ruined the evening" at the VMAs. Apparently this didn't cut it on its own. It seems that Foxx is terrified that this whole sorry affair will escalate into Biggie and Tupac territory. Said the guy who played Ray Charles in Stealth: "I love all of those guys, man... [but] if Tupac and Biggie taught you anything, let it go, man." No, Jamie, actually what Tupac and Biggie taught us is that you can totally waste two of the most famous, influential and important icons in modern music, and not only will you get away with it, but nobody will care. And anyway, who does Foxx think he is? Eva Longoria?


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