Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Coogan And Love's "Drug-Fuelled Sex Marathon" Mostly Fallacious

The last few weeks have been a whirlwind of Courtney Love activities, but really nothing's touched the events of the the last few days. The London Mirror reported that Love was pregnant with the child of actor Steve Coogan, the result of "a two-week, drug-fueled sex marathon."

"Drug-fueled sex marathon"? The woman has looked positively washed ashore for the last three years at least. She's part Brando, for fuck's sake. Not even Coogan can have that great a sense of humor. I gotta figure that to use any type of controlled substance in her proximity is to risk potentially fatal fellating. Coogan's people were to dismiss the rumors (or rumours, as it were) as "nonsense," but it seems to me that wasn't quite emphatic enough. Today Love denies these rumors, stating for the record that she is not pregnant, but that she and Coogan "are good friends." If his people can't distance him any further from Love than "good friends," Coogan may wanna start shopping for a new publicist.


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